Summer programs offered:     


Hourly classes are given: 
    Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu.,Fri., Sat., 

    Tue., Thu., 6:00PM-7:00PM

- All activities will be planned and organized by staff.

- Activities include use of vaulting, uneven bars, beam, floor, in-ground trampoline, cargo net, inflatables and much more!

- This highly innovative program is designed for children 2-21/2  years of age and challenges 3-5 years old children. 

- We are also offering mommy and me class. Please call the office o inquire. 

- Cost for Summer program inquire in the office


Days and time offered:
    Mon., Tue., Wed.,Thu., Fri.  9:30AM-12:30PM

Cost for Summer program inquire in the office


Days and time offered:
  Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu.,  Fri., Sat., 
Tue., Thu., 6:00PM-7:30PM​

- Cost for Summer program inquire in the office


Classes offered:
Tue., Thu., 6:00PM-8:00PM​

- Cost for Summer program inquire in the office


Classes offered:
Tue. or Thu. 6:00PM-7:30PM​
Sat., 10:00AM-11:30AM

Cost $25 per class, when attended.


- Possibility to put together more times for any classes that are not already offered if 3 or more students are interested.

- Signups for summer program are in progress and continues through onset of classes.

- A payment of 50% is required prior to the start and the balance in full is due on or before the beginning of summer program.

- Cancellation of class occur if not enough students for particular day and the other day in not good option for student. (Full refund)

- Extremely flexible program, just sign up for as many days or weeks that you want. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE CONSECUTIVE.  

- No discount for siblings.

- Sign up at any time and your cost will be based upon the number of classes that you sign up for.

- Please call our office any time at (516) 753-1125 and we will return Your call. Or email at with all of your questions. :)

- New members required to pay $10 for registration and insurance. 

Summer program 
June 22nd - September 4th 2021!
 It is an 11 week program!

Sign up for as many or 
as few days you like!!
The more classes you signup for , the cheaper it is per class!
Summer 2020 at Phoenix Gymnastics